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Sora no Otoshimono Forte 11 by Tooru
December 15, 2010, 1:07 pm
Filed under: Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Guess who’s back!

Torrent: 720p

Direct Download: 720p or MU

Direct Download: 480p


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Weird I can’t get the subs to show in
Win media player umm 9, or to show in
media player classic. Guess i will
have to install the orange safety cone
one. VLC media player. Any idea why?

Comment by Blinky

That is weird cause it works fine on my laptop with the subs in Media Player Classic and the Windows one.

Comment by Baka Black

I hope the MU gets up soon. Then I can download to see.

Comment by aniluv

I don’t know, I had it updated on my old machine to Win Player 9. I noticed to get WMV9 encoded stuff to play i had to update it to 11.
The subs were still missing on Win Med Playr and Matroskas CCCP coded pac Windows media Player Classic.
My comp crashed and I am using a un updated version of win XP and the 2009 ver of CCCP codec pack Media Player Classic. Still no subs on certain MKV’s.
No biggie, but strange. Maybe it’s a program I don’t have, or dosn’t associate with
the other players. Font’s aren’t in them, dunno. The subs are showing up in the playback bars, where you select none or some.
No biggie vlc is on now!!! Justa heads up.

Comment by Blinky

Try downloading the latest version of mpc-hc from their website. I could be wrong about this but the stand alone player that’s packaged with CCCP is usually outdated. Also you could try this out, open mpc-hc go to view>options>playback and under ‘open settings’, make sure “auto-load subtitles” is ticked. restart mpc-hc and hopefully it should be working. Also sometimes certain codecs can conflict with others so if you downloaded another codec pack to play these specific media files, un-installing them could also solve the problem. Though make sure that you’re not un-installing a codec that is vital to another program you might be using.

Comment by johne

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