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Sora no Otoshimono Forte Vol. 1 Blu-Ray by Ookami
January 7, 2011, 9:54 am
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Blu-Ray’s Finally Here!!

Torrent Vol. 1

Episode 1 720p FS

Episode 2 720p FS




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Just curious why is is it you won’t do an 1080p release 😀

Comment by HayateM

Because people probably already downloaded the file and I see no point and re-uploading it for people torrent wise and for DDL I would have to split the files.

Comment by Insanity

One more thing? will the scripts work with Yousei’s raw or do i need to time them a little?

Comment by HayateM

They should work for all of the Raws Blu-Ray wise I will be uploading the scripts soon.

But if the scripts need tweaking to fit onto Yousei’s Raw then tell me and I will tweak them for you.

Comment by Insanity

And thanks btw 😀

Comment by HayateM

If you can tweak them i would gladly take them 😀

Comment by HayateM

Then maybe later on i could make an batch when all of the discs get out 😀

Comment by HayateM

glad your doing the 720, 1080 always feel like a waste of space for me.

Comment by Fox

Thanks for doing the BD. Awesome.

Comment by aniluv

Meh… You forgot mux font files -_-‘ Is it possible for patch with fonts? Thanks.

Comment by F00

Don’t want to nag, but will you be uploading the 720p of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt? I sent you an email, but after no response for 5 days I began to wonder if I’ll ever get answer.

Comment by AHTL

Which episodes of 720p of Panty & Stocking do you need cause I did do a 720p of the series.

Comment by yuukionna

Gah, forgot to mention the episode. I need episode 2, was the only one you hadn’t uploaded. Something about the file being messed up.

Comment by AHTL

An answer this month would be nice.. 😦

Comment by AHTL

are there only 2 episodes released for the bluray of this series, or are all the episodes included in the bluray disc

Comment by Steve

All the episodes aren’t included in one disc they will be released on different discs in the upcoming months.

Comment by yuukionna

Just curious but was wondering if the Forte series are native 1080p? Having trouble finding that info, even at their homepage…
– If not native 1080p, then I might settle for these 720p to save bandwidth.
– If it is 1080p, then I eagerly await the subs / scripts; might try muxing with zero-raws’ 1080p release.

Comment by BentoLover

Just curious, but do you happen to know whether the Forte series are native 1080p? Or maybe 720p, or heaven-forbid, 1080i?

Might wait for the scripts and try muxing those with zero-raws’ 1080p release.

Cheers in advance.

Comment by BentoLover

thank you for doing 480p BD’s!!

Comment by Buffaloman

ep. 3 and 4 has been released on bluray, will it be uploaded?

Comment by Steve

When will the other released episodes be uploaded?

Comment by Celina

YES 480p! domo arigatou!

Comment by KanuTousen

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